My name is Dandan, and I’m about to go on an adventure. I have no idea what I’ll find.

I was born in England, then raised in the Rhone Alps and Californian foothills. Somehow I ended up in the Lone Star State (Texas), where I rode to school every day on my horse. Just kidding. I was never allowed to ride on a horse ever since my parents saw Gone with the Wind. But I did attend Rice University where I graduated with a B.A. in English Literature. I left with more questions than answers, an undefined identity, and open space to define my own trajectory.

Like most people, I thought I would know exactly who I was or what I’d be doing after college.  However, I don’t, and I don’t consider that to be an inconvenient truth. Instead, I see it as a tremendous blessing, reflective of the experiences and encounters that have given me new ways of seeing, sensing, and engaging with the life around me. I discovered there was much life inside me too. Accordingly, what had been planned as a one way ticket to a stable career started to make less sense. The world became more half-known.

So, here I am, about to live in monasteries of different religions and cultures for a year (and a half). I purposely left the year open, but it will likely interweave periods of stasis and pilgrimage. As a spiritual nomad, I’m going to try and live in the present, embrace the unknown, and maybe make some echoes. I’ll share more of my story as we go along, but here’s a good starting point.

Thanks so much for stopping by.


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